DIRT DESsERT - ''European Mountainboard Boardercross Challenge'' promo shoots

We did some promo shoot for this event and I dare you to come celebrate this year’s World mountainboarding day by coming to the international mountainboarding competition DIRT DESsERT. From June 19th to June 21st 2015, riders will gather in Kranj, Slovenia, to show their skills in boardercross and freestyle. After years of hard labor, the track has developed to ensure unforgettable riding experience. For more information please visit www.dirtdessert.si ...

Ride the MNTN - Bike park Vogel

Hey guys. We had some fun last weekend on Vogel Ski resort. No skis just bikes and fatbikes! I put together some shoots that i like and hope you njoy it. Big thanks to the crew and hope to do it again next season.

Special thanks to: Žičnice Vogel Bohinj, d.d., Park Vogel, Alpska Vas Vogel, Planinska koča Merjasec, Ski hotel Vogel, Hotel Kristal, Bohinjska Sirarna, Elan Skis, Red Bull, Sport Rudi Kirchberg, MAXX Bikes, SchneeKoppe Slovenija, Schneekoppe, Forcefield Slovenija, Forcefield Performance, BeXtreme, Oshee, Extreme Vital, Specialized Bikes, Giant Bikes, Norco Bikes, GoPro, GoPro Slovenija, onedrone.com, Snoopy's FPV Life, Hillstrike Snowtrike, 100% Slovenija, Franc Kramar, Mitja Zalokar.

Motorcycle trip to Corsica - BMW 1150GS & Fujifilm X10

Fully loaded bike and 3000km (not a single km on highway) is not a piece of cake.!? Maybe for you but I don't think of myself as a biker so this was something it had to be done. It was our first bigger trip with motorbike. Some of them said that we are crazy, but we were ready for the challenge and like every other trip we took it as an adventure. Well, we were almost ready... :) A lot of rain surprised us on our way to this beautiful island of Corsica.

We started in Kranj, went to Austria and then took the south road to Italy. On second photo you can see the map and the red dots where we camp. We took our time and had four days to the ferry in Livorno. It was a great first day riding trough Dolomites and camp in olympic city of Cortina d'Ampezzo. We decided that next day we will take the road trough ''The Giau Pass''. Elevation: 2,236 m! Just wow ... We crossed Trientino region and camped by ''Lago di Garda''. I'm not a fan of this place. :/ The plan for next day was to get to the coast, the city La Spezia. We woke up and rain was purin down all the way to Parma. We were soaked to the bones but we made it. If the road takes you there you have to visit Cinque Terre and this beautiful little towns. It was fantastic. Why not go to Tusacny if you have one more day. :) We crossed some beautiful little towns like Pisa and Lucca on our way to San Gimignano. If you like expensive stuff anf long lines for icecream than this is the place for you. :) We were gone the next morning to catch the ferry and meet with our friends. Exited as we were we had a couple of beers and there we were. Corsica - motorbike heaven they say! And it really was!!! Im in love in this island and will go back for sure..  Njoy the photos!

ps. Please don't ask about the road back!.? :)